Consultation was carried out in December 2017 ahead of submission of the IAMP ONE planning application.  The Consultation Report which sets out how we consulted on IAMP ONE can be viewed here.

Following submission of the planning application, Sunderland City Council also conducted its own statutory consultation with comments being taken into account as part of its consideration of the planning application.

Details of all Reserved matters application submitted to Sunderland City Council as IAMP ONE is brought forward are available for view on the website of the City Council at https://www.sunderland.gov.uk/planning-applications

IAMP TWO 2019 Statutory Consultation

The purpose of the consultation is to give local residents and businesses the chance to have their say on plans for the development. This is statutory consultation under the Planning Act 2008.

The outcome of this statutory consultation will be used to help finalise our proposals in the lead up to the submission of the DCO application for IAMP TWO in Summer 2019.

As a DCO project, an important part of the IAMP TWO consenting process is that we keep you informed and involved in the process of how the project is progressing. This includes giving you the opportunity to comment on the proposals and to bring your local knowledge and experience to help improve the Project.

Getting involved at the pre-application stage of a DCO is very important because it is when you can influence what we apply for. We encourage you to read the available information carefully and provide your views on IAMP TWO, how it will be constructed and operated, and the findings of the assessment work that we have been conducting at the site for the last couple of years.

IAMP LLP is committed to engaging with people living and working in the area before we submit our application for a DCO, as well as meeting all its legal responsibilities as to how any comments are considered and reported as part of the application.

A statement from IAMP LLP - a partnership between Sunderland City Council and South Tyneside Council, said:

“IAMP is one of the country’s most significant development sites, delivering thousands of jobs and a huge economic impact for the region and the UK at large.

“We welcome the opportunity to speak to local residents and businesses about the second phase of this game-changing site.”

What consulted on

The following documents provide information about our proposals for IAMP TWO and the consultation.
























Background documents



Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC)

IAMP LLP have previously set out how they intend to consult with the community and key stakeholders during the IAMP TWO Consultation.  This was described in a document called the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC). 

Please click here to download a copy.

IAMP LLP has updated its consultation contact details, which are set out in the SoCC, with a new Freephone telephone number and a new email address. The updated contact details replace those in the SoCC. The Project website and freepost remains the same.


The current consultation is in accordance with the approach set out in the SoCC.

IAMP TWO 2016 and 2017 consultation

An earlier phase of consultation was carried out relating to the full IAMP site (including both IAMP ONE and IAMP TWO) between November 2016 and January 2017.  A set of documents were published for review including:-

  • Preliminary environmental information - A technical report that looked at the likely environmental impacts of the development and the plan at that time to address them.  It included considerations such as transport, landscaping, local wildlife and air quality.
  • A consultation summary document - An short document providing a general overview of the IAMP and the technical work carried out to that point.
  • Event materials - Information boards, maps and diagrams that were made available online and at several consultation events that took place in the local area. 
  • Draft masterplan - An image that provides an indication of how the site could look.

On 13 February 2017 we published an Interim Consultation Report.  The Report provided a summary of the Stage 1 Consultation and an overview of the feedback we received.  It also outlined how the views expressed would help to shape the Project, including on-going design work and environmental assessments. 

Interim Consultation Report (ICR) - To download the Report click here.

Appendices - The appendices that support the ICR are organised into two volumes. To download them click here and here.  Please note the appendices are organised into folders containing individual files which, due to the file sizes, may take a while to download.

Since then, the team has continued consulting with a range of statutory and non-statutory consultees to assist in the ongoing development of the project.  The outcomes from these discussions, and the earlier consultation, has informed the form of the proposal that is the subject of consultation in the Spring of 2019.