IAMP TWO is a nationally significant project to provide a range of buildings for the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors.  It is the second and largest phase of the IAMP.

A Development Consent Order will be required to allow the project to proceed and an application is due to be submitted later in 2019.  The works are being co-ordinated with the separate Highways England schemes to improve the A19 (at the Testo’s roundabout and the Downhill Lane scheme).  IAMP LLP have been working closely with Highways England since 2014.

The proposed IAMP TWO development comprises:-

  • Up to 232,300 sq m of new floorspace divided between northern and southern development zones (either side of the River Don) in a high quality landscaped environment;
  • A small number of facilities to cater for workers in a ‘Hub’ to be located in the south of the site which could include shops, a hotel, etc;
  • A significant area (around 66 hectares) of green belt land that will be set aside for ecological and landscape measures and broadly located on either side of the River Don;
  • Improved connections for cars, walkers, horse riders and cyclists across the site including to the west to the A19 and to the south to the A1290;
  • Two new bridge links will be provided – one over the A19 and one over the River Don.  These will be suited for use by cars, walkers, horse riders and cyclists;
  • Facilities for buses will connect the site to the east and to the south and, in the future, to allow for connections to the west; and
  • A 50 metre protection corridor will be reserved on either side of the River Don.

Full details of all the roads and bridges will be submitted with the DCO application to allow these to be constructed quickly should consent be granted.  The final details of the appearance and specific location of each building will be finalised at a later date to meet the requirements of future occupiers.

A Design Code has been prepared that is a series of guidelines that future buildings will need to comply with to ensure a high quality development.  Its key aims are:-

  • Creating a high quality manufacturing park;
  • Introducing a strong sense of place;
  • Providing a sustainable environment; and
  • Responding to its setting.

Subject to consent being granted, construction of IAMP TWO could begin in early 2021.  It is expected that the total site will take 12 years to be built with it being fully completed and occupied in 2032. 

The DCO will control when works can happen on site.  A Construction Environmental Management Plan and a Construction Traffic Management Plan will be prepared to cover transport movements during the construction period, noise, dust, working hours and safe and good working practices.